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2014 Metro Sports Baseball

6U All-star Tournament

Coach Pitch Rules Addendum


  1. General Rules Amplification


    1. Maximum roster size of 12 players – all age 5 or 6 as of April 30, 2014

    2. 9” standard baseballs will be used (game balls will be provided by host park)

    3. Maximum 10 players on defense – all infield positions must be played.

    4. Catcher is required – must wear helmet and chest guard (other equipment at coach’s discretion)

    5. Field dimensions:

      1. First and third baselines shall be fifty (50) feet from the point of home plate.

      2. The distance from the front edge of the pitching rubber to the point of home-plate will be thirty-nine (39) feet.

      3. There will be a short line painted twenty (20) feet from the point of home plate signifying the closest distance the coach pitcher may be from the batter.

    6. Outfielders must be in outfield grass behind the painted white line signifying the outer edge of the infield when ball is hit – recognize that the field dimensions are slightly different

    7. Infielders must be in infield grass between the painted white lines signifying the outer and inner edges of the infield when ball is hit – all infield positions must be played

    8. When ball is hit, pitcher must have one foot on rubber, or both feet directly behind the rubber and within the dirt of the pitcher’s circle (protective equipment required – helmet with chin strap and chest “heart” guard)

      1. If the offensive coach pitcher is blocking the view of the player pitcher to the batter when standing at or behind the rubber, the player pitcher may move left or right within the dirt of the pitcher’s circle

      2. The player pitcher must not be any closer to home plate than the rubber before the ball is put into play.

    9. Free substitutions are allowed on defense

    10. Batting order to consist of not more than 12 players – batting in consecutive order

    11. Maximum 10 batters per inning or 3 outs. Play as though there are 2 outs per regular baseball rules when the 10th batter comes to the plate.The offensive head coach must inform the defensive head coach when the last batter comes to the plate.

                              Penalty: Defensive coach has the option of the results of the play or a re-bat.

    12. Ball hit in fair territory past the grass arc in front of home plate is considered fair ball.  Disregard any painted or chalked line.

    13. Regular rules of baseball apply to player-requested time outs.  Umpires have complete authority in determining when play should be stopped with runners on base.  In judgment of umpire(s), play shall be stopped by the umpire(s) once the defensive team heads off or stops the lead runner and all runners are contained.

    14. Maximum game of 4 innings or 75 minutes – no new inning shall begin after the time limit (championship games will not be timed).

    15. Pool play games may end in a tie.  Elimination games must go extra innings, even if time has expired.

    16. Maximum of 4 coaches inside the fence on defense

      1. In addition to right field and left field foul territory defensive coaches, one defensive coach may be in center field grass.

      2. All coaches should avoid interfering with any play.

    17. If a base runner is touched by an offensive coach before the ball has been called dead, or time out has been called by an umpire, the base runner is automatically out.

    18. Coaches cannot physically assist players.

    19. Permanent replacement rule not in effect.  Teams may have substitute players from home park and not on any other all star team.

    20. Any number of players less than 10 will result in an “out” unless the player(s) cannot play due to illness, injury, or circumstances that would be deemed "an excused absence" at school.  This is subject to approval of Tournament Director prior to the game.

    21. Before play begins each team must designate an adult who is not a coach to represent the team on The Protest Committee.  Protest fee is $100.

    22. Tournament will be double elimination.

    23. There will be a maximum of 1 offensive and 1 defensive time out per inning with each time out being no more than one minute in length.


  2. Coach Pitch Rules

    1. A pitching coach from the offensive team shall pitch to the batters.

    2. The pitching coach may position himself any distance from home between the 20 foot line and the pitching rubber.

    3. If the pitching coach chooses to position himself directly on the rubber, the player pitcher will be allowed to play to either side of the rubber.

    4. Batters will receive 5 pitches from the pitching coach to put the ball into play.

    5. If the batter does not put the ball in play after the 5th pitch or 3 strikes, the batter is out.

    6. If the batter fouls away the 5th pitch, an additional pitch will be thrown.

    7. Once the ball is in play, the pitching coach should exit the playing field and remove the bat from the field if needed.Pitching coaches shall not interfere with the defensive players.If in the judgment of the umpire the pitching coach interferes with a play, the batter or base runner will be out.

    8. If a batted ball hits the pitching coach and, in the judgment of the umpire, the pitching coach made an effort to avoid contact, a no-pitch will be declared.

    9. If the pitching coach intentionally catches a batted ball, the batter will be out and no base runners may advance.However, if in the judgment of the umpire, the coach pitcher catches the ball in an effort to protect himself, a no-pitch will be declared.


  3. Pool Play tiebreakers for setting the double elimination games:

    1. W-L Record

    2. Head to Head

    3. Record vs. common opponents

    4. Fewest runs allowed vs. common opponents

    5. Coin Flip


  4. The official score is determined when the game is completed or when mathematically over.  The press box announcer will announce that the official game is over and will announce the final score.  The score will then be reset to 0-0.  Provided the time limit has not expired, the teams may continue to play at their discretion.  If continuing, the scoreboard clock will continue to run.  No inning shall begin after the time limit.  Umpires will stay at their discretion.

  5. There shall be a coin toss with head coaches or their designees at the Coaches Credentials Meeting prior to all Pool Play games with the winner selecting Home or Away.  Higher seeded teams in the double elimination tournament will have the choice of being Home or Away.  Teams with the same seed shall determine Home/Away via coin toss.

  6. Each team to submit a batting order to official scorekeeper and opposing team 15 minutes prior to game time.

  7. Each team to receive 5 minutes infield time.

  8. Bat Restrictions – Any unaltered 2-1/4” barrel bat is allowed.Any bat with a barrel diameter larger than 2-1/4” must have passed the 1.15 BPF testing and bear an appropriate 1.15 BPF mark on the bat

    1. This marking is not limited to only the USSSA stamp.Any unaltered manufacturer’s marking that the bat has passed the 1.15 BPF testing anywhere on the barrel of the bat will be accepted.

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