New 9 and 10 All Star Format Details

Updated Monday May 19, 2014 by Metro Sports Baseball.

Key Dates:

May 19 need number of  all-star teams in

May 22 Regular Season Credential Meetings at Tournament host parks

May 31 Opening weekend

June 21 last regular season game

June 22 Tournament Credential meeting

June 24 projected beginning of Tournament

June 28 projected end of Tournament



Roster max 15 for season/12 for Tournament must be submitted by June 22

No out shall be given for a missing player during the all-star season. During tournament play rules will go back to Metro Rules and it will count as an out if it is not considered an excused absence according to Metro Rules

All kids will bat and there will be free substitution in both

Regular season/if rain outs can't be made up the next day game is lost

Each team will get 2 dozen balls/Home team will provide the baseballs for regular season games

Need to have a someone designated for each park for protest committee

Must witness signing of book to keep up with pitch count

Host park can do what they want

Can an assistant coach be a tournament director?  Yes but if a decision has to be made then the protest committee has to step in.

Have field ready: drag it, chalk it/In between games drag field depending on time

Home team does scorebook in press box/Visitors do the scoreboard


Regular Season:

Games Tuesday, Thursdays 530pm and 730 pm

Games Saturdays 1030am and 1230pm



Single Elimination for both tournaments

Tournament start Tuesday June 24/Last regular season game is Saturday June 21

Tournament pitch count rules will apply


Pitch counts:

Coach gets 15 minutes to sign the book to confirm pitch count if they don't then it can't be disputed

Max of 100 pitches for the week/60 per day

Regular Season

  • 60 or greater pitches per day/72 hours rest

  • 40-59 pitches/40 hours rest

  • 21-39 pitches/24 hrs rest

  • 0-20 pitches/No rest required


60 pitches/40 hrs rest

  • 40 pitches/24hrs rest


Rain Outs

Host park's responsibility, game will be made up same time next day

If game is not made up next day then it is lost

Must determine if game is cancelled by 3pm of the day of the game

Last game of season will not be made up if rained out

Vestavia and Shades Mtn will be the parks to make up rain outs only if you have a complete rain out of a week, so a Tuesday and Thursday rainout.